Effortless color selection for developers, Introducing Easycolors.fun

Color Picker

Find the perfect shade for your design needs with our color picker. Choose from a wide range of colors and get additional information such as hex and RGB values.



My Favourites

Find your go-to colors with ease! Our "My Favourites" section lets you save and display your personal favorite colors for quick and easy access. Take a look at a variety of shades, pick the perfect color for your next project and mark as favourite.

Primary Colors

Primary colors are the foundation of color theory and are used to create a wide range of colors for different design elements. They are essential in website UI design to create a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. It's important to use them in a balanced and appropriate way throughout the website.

Secondary Colors

Along with primary colors, it's helpful to have a selection of secondary colors to use in components such as pills, alerts and labels. These secondary colors should be used sparingly or as accents, while the primary color(s) should take precedence.

User-Curated Colors

Introducing our new User-Curated Colors feature! This feature allows our community to submit their favorite colors for use on our website. Help us create the perfect color palette by submitting your favorite colors today!